Meteorite | Muonionalusta | Iron | 1678g

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Arctic's Cosmic Marvel: The Unique Muonionalusta Meteorite

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A million years ago, the Muonionalusta meteorite made its grand entrance on Earth near Kitkiöjoki, Sweden. Subsequent glaciations dispersed its fragments across different locations. This meteorite stands out due to its striking Widmanstätten patterns, a grid-like formation on its surface, reflecting its extraterrestrial origin and the slow cooling of taenite and kamacite crystals in zero gravity.

This piece weights 1 678g and due to its patterns and distinctiveness it has become more valuable over time as the availability of this meteorite continues to dwindle.

The Widmanstätten patterns, first discovered by Count A. J. von Widmanstätten in 1808, are unique to meteorites and are unseen in terrestrial iron. Their visibility on the Muonionalusta meteorite's surface underscores its cosmic heritage and unique beauty, making it a true testament to the mysteries of the universe.

Weight: 1 678 g
Location of discovery: Kitikiöjoki, Sweden

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