About us


Our mission

We are meteorite enthusiasts who are fascinated by their journey through space and the stories behind their discovery. We search for unique pieces all over the world and manage every step of their journey to our customers from A to Z. By doing this, we help build quality collections for people who are as fascinated by meteorites as we are.

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Who We Are

We are both enthusiasts and professionals.
We were so captivated by meteorites at first sight that we decided to really dive deep into their world. We enjoy searching for new pieces, researching their origins, age, composition, in short, discovering their stories. But meteorites go far beyond being just a hobby for us. We work with numerous museums and other specialists and we are both members of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (I.M.C.A. 3850 & 8785). The passion to learn more about each new meteorite and find out all we can is what motivates us.

We are both connoisseurs and explorers.
We have come a long way in our search for the most beautiful, the rarest, the most valuable, in short, the best pieces. We use our direct contacts with people who are in the meteorite hunting business and these relationships allow us to keep a complete record of the date, location, and discoverer for every piece we acquire. Our entire project is built on trust. Trust between people who share the same hobby and want to exchange experiences, and trust between business partners who want something truly unique and exceptional for their collection.

We are both guides and traders.
In the course of our work, we discovered that the meteorite market is not the easiest place to navigate for beginners or even for more experienced collectors. So we decided to start making it more accessible to enthusiasts like ourselves. Whether you want to embrace the world of meteorites out of the pure joy of owning a piece of the universe, or as a unique and interesting investment opportunity, we're here to be your guides. We’ve built a place where you can find and acquire pieces with full documentation and a guarantee of authenticity.


How We Do It

How do we select meteorites?
We personally oversee the selection of the best pieces, which we then offer to you to build your collection. We would never settle for the average ourselves, so we know you feel the same way. That's why we search the world over for unique pieces that are among, at most, only a handful of comparable examples in the world, and often can’t even be found in the collections of renowned museums. The fact that some of our meteorites have been provided to several European museums and observatories rather than being sold into private collections is proof of the quality of our pieces.

How do we verify discovered pieces?
We are members of the I.M.C.A. (International Meteorite Collectors Association). 
To join this association, we had to meet quite strict conditions which allow us to guarantee the the authenticity of our meteorites and provide the highest quality of service. This association has only 425 members worldwide (May 2022), and only five are based in the Czech Republic. We analyse our meteorites using state-of-the-art spectrometric measurements to guarantee their authenticity, which is documented in a certificate of authenticity that is suitable for framing and display. If there are any legitimate doubts about the authenticity of our meteorites in the future, we will happily refund your money.

How do we take care of our customers?
We are passionate collectors of meteorites and tektites ourselves and have published numerous articles about them. We launched a Facebook group that currently has more than 2 200 members and we are working on a comprehensive printed publication on meteorites as well. Our goal is to help build quality collections. Therefore, we are happy to facilitate the sale of your meteorites or buy back any pieces that you have purchased from us in the past.



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