Ancient Egypt and meteorites

Ancient Egypt and meteorites.

   We are 5000 years back in time in ancient Egypt. A time when the first smelting of iron didn't begin for another 2,400 years. Yet we are witnessing something remarkable. The wealthier variety of Egyptians already wore jewellery made of iron around their necks and other parts of their bodies.

How is this possible?

Archaeological excavations in the early 20th century have told us more. In a grave near Cairo, a team of archaeologists found several handmade items, including a necklace with iron beads. Unfortunately, in 1911, the technology did not yet exist to determine with certainty the origin of the beads, and so it was not until the end of the 20th century, using CT scans, that analysis finally showed them to be meteorites.

The Egyptians named this extraterrestrial material as iron from the heavens and believed that the wearer had a right of first refusal to pass into the afterlife after death.

This material was therefore certainly very important to them and was later found in the two royal tombs of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

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