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Chondrite: Witness to the creation of our planet

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Imagine you have in your collection one of the oldest objects that exists in the entire solar system. Not a part of it, not a fragment of it. The whole thing. The way it's been travelling through space for billions of years. The same piece landed on the surface of the Earth. That object is the chondrite that's just appeared on our menu.

Chondrites were formed exactly 4.56 billion years ago, several million years after the birth of the solar system, making it one of the oldest known materials in the solar system. They have not undergone any changes in their entire existence, and it is thanks to them that we can imagine what material the planets were made of. Including our own.

While chondrites are the most common meteorites we find on Earth, this piece will impress you with its size (it weighs over 30 kilograms!) and its shape. It's not a cut or a fragment, but a whole meteorite, just as it hit the surface of our planet at the end of its journey.

And if you're looking for irrefutable proof of the extraterrestrial origin of this piece of rock, it is its dark crust. This can only be caused by the melting of the meteorite's surface as it passes through our planet's atmosphere. It is also proof of how perfect the Earth's protection is and how difficult it makes it for meteorites to reach its surface.

It's all the more exciting when you hold a piece like this in your hand. It's one of the few that has "made it"

Weight: 30 050g
Interesting fact: Whole piece how it landed on Earth

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