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Eucrite: A meteorite whose home can be seen with the naked eye

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Two billion years ago, the asteroid Vesta - one of the largest in the Solar System - collided with two meteorites. The fragments, which were catapulted into space, eventually landed on our planet. Meteorites that come from the crust of asteroids are called achondrites, and eucrites are the most commonly found type. These are rare finds, as achondrites make up only 3% of all meteorites that fall to Earth.

Ownership of this eucrite includes a unique bonus that is not found in the vast majority of other meteorites - the opportunity to observe the celestial body from which it originated with your own eyes! Asteroid Vesta is the only visible asteroid from the Earth's surface, measuring over 500 km in diameter, and can be regularly observed (few times a year) with the naked eys. It is truly fascinating to have the object from which the meteorite in your collection originated, literally within sight!

Weight: 1 558 g
Size: 14,5 cm x 10 cm x 9,5 cm
Interesting fact: A meteorite whose home can be seen with the naked eye

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