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Mars meteorite type Shergottite

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This meteorite is igneous rock, primarily composed of basaltic material. Shergottites provide valuable insights into the geology and history of Mars. Through detailed analysis, scientists have been able to uncover information about the composition of Martian rocks, the processes that formed them, and even clues about the planet's past environment.

Shergottites typically exhibit a crystalline structure with varying mineral compositions, including olivine, pyroxene, and plagioclase. They often contain small pockets of trapped gases, which can provide information about the Martian atmosphere and volcanic activity.

Studying Shergottites allows scientists to address fundamental questions about Mars, such as its geological evolution, the presence of water, and the potential for habitability. By comparing the composition of these meteorites with data collected from Mars rovers and orbiters, researchers can piece together a more comprehensive understanding of the Red Planet's history and potential for life.

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