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Beautiful iron meteorite cube with an interesting history.

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This is a 30x30x30mm cube weighing 224.68 grams of the Aletai iron meteorite discovered in the Xinjiang region of China.

The Aletai meteorite stands as a remarkable specimen within the realm of meteoritics. Classified within one of the smallest subgroups of iron meteorites. Notably, Aletai boasts exceptional chemical compositions, notably featuring the highest concentration of gold within its subgroup. Additionally, it contains a significant amount of iridium, the second densest element known to us. 

The Aletai meteorite's impact event was monumental, estimated to have a total mass nearing 100 tons. Its fallout scattered across an expansive strewn field, spanning nearly 500 kilometers. The abundant presence of iridium within this geological layer suggests a cataclysmic meteorite impact 65 million years ago, a phenomenon often implicated in the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Noteworthy are Aletai's captivating optical properties. When illuminated, its surface exhibits dynamic changes in reflectivity, producing a mesmerizing shimmer. This visual spectacle is accentuated by the presence of schreibersite, a mineral inclusion that enhances the meteorite's mirror-like finish.

In addition to the stand and brass plate, the price also includes a certificate with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. If you want to have an exclusive piece in your collection at an unbeatable price, whose value is also constantly increasing, do not hesitate.

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