Meteorite | Chondrite | 5280g

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Chondrite: A Cosmic Voyage Etched in Stone

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Picture owning a piece of the cosmos – a chondrite – one of the oldest known materials in our solar system, now available in our collection. This isn't just any piece, but a large and substantial one that has journeyed through the vast expanse of space for billions of years before landing on Earth's surface.

These chondrites, formed approximately 4.56 billion years ago, a few million years after the birth of the solar system, stand as the oldest known substances in the cosmos. Remaining untouched and unchanged since their formation, they provide us a glimpse into the primitive materials that constituted the planets, including our very own Earth.

Though chondrites are the most commonly found meteorites on Earth, this specific piece will captivate you with its substantial weight of 5 280 grams and its intriguing shape. It's a significant piece that embodies the majesty of its original meteorite, mirroring an awe-inspiring cosmic journey.

The dark crust of this rock serves as a fascinating testament to its extraterrestrial origin. This unique feature, known as regmaglypts, is formed as the meteorite's surface melts while piercing through Earth's atmosphere. The regmaglypts – these thumbprint-like indentations – are not just aesthetically pleasing but also a testament to Earth's robust protective shield that makes it challenging for meteorites to reach our surface.

The thrill of holding such a piece, one of the few that has made its extraordinary journey to Earth, is genuinely exhilarating.

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