Meteorite | Chondrite | NWA 14234 | 1830g

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Billions of years old chondrite with a fascinating shape

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Chondrite NWA 13234 - one of the oldest known materials in our solar system.

The meteorite exhibits a recrystallized structure with frequent triple junctions between adjacent minerals. 

Formed about 4.56 billion years ago, several million years after the formation of the solar system, these chondrites are among the oldest known objects in the universe that you can touch. They have remained intact and unchanged since their formation, giving us a glimpse into the primitive materials that formed the planets, including our Earth.

Although chondrites are the most common meteorites found on Earth, this particular piece will intrigue you with its intriguing shape and weight of 1830g, measuring 325mm x 110mm x 55mm.

The dark crust of this stone is fascinating evidence of its extraterrestrial origin.

The experience of holding in your hand such a piece, one of the few to have made its extraordinary journey to our mother Earth, is truly exciting.


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