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One of only 150 classified iron meteorites with a surface as smooth as a mirror

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In the vast, arid expanse of the East Uweinat Desert in Egypt, there lies a remarkable testament to the mysteries of the cosmos: the Gebel Kamil meteorite. This tale begins millions of years ago, far beyond the confines of Earth, in the cold, dark reaches of space. A chunk of rock, born from the debris of a cosmic collision, embarked on an aimless journey through the void.

For eons, this celestial wanderer, a silent spectator to the unfolding of the universe, traveled its lonely path until, by a twist of gravitational fate, it was ensnared by Earth's orbit. Blazing through the atmosphere in a fiery spectacle witnessed by none, it collided with the Earth's surface, unleashing a tremendous force that carved a crater in the desolate landscape of the Sahara.

Remarkably, this colossal impact, resulting in the creation of the Kamil Crater, is not an ancient event as one might assume. Scientific studies reveal that the crater, and thus the meteorite's dramatic descent, occurred no more than 2,000 years ago, a mere blink in the cosmic timeline. This relatively recent event remained a secret of the sands until the 1980s when it caught the attention of the Soviet Union. The crater was spotted during an aerial survey; however, its true nature as an impact crater remained unidentified, a mystery veiled by the desert.

The true revelation came later when V. De Michele, the former curator of the Natural History Museum in Milan, Italy, identified the formation as an impact crater. His discovery opened a new chapter in the story of Gebel Kamil, drawing scientists and enthusiasts alike to delve deeper into its origins.

Among the scattered fragments found near the crater site, we acquired an exceptional piece: a larger fragment weighing over 7 kilograms. This piece did not come to us as the admired specimen it is today. It was a raw testament to the violent history of its arrival on Earth, coated in rust and bearing the scars of its cosmic journey. With meticulous care and expertise, our team set out to reveal the true beauty of this celestial treasure.

We first rid the piece of its rust, then carefully cut it in half, transforming it into a remarkable specimen. On one side, the meteorite retains its original, rugged texture with regmaglypths—thumbprint-like indentations formed as it blazed through the atmosphere. These natural features are a record of its fiery descent, each one a unique fingerprint of its cosmic origins.

On the other side, we polished it to a perfect flatness, creating a surface so smooth and reflective it resembles a mirror. It showcases the meteorite's raw, natural beauty alongside the refined elegance achievable through human craftsmanship.

Despite its rarity and the perfection of its condition, we are offering it at a price that is one of the best on the market. We believe in making this incredible piece of cosmic history accessible to those who share our passion for the mysteries of the universe. It serves not just as a symbol of our dedication to preserving and sharing the wonders of space but also as an invitation to others to join in the awe-inspiring journey of discovery.

Weight: 2974g
Location of discovery: Uweinat, Egypt
Interesting fact: A meteorite that formed one of the few preserved craters
Composition: here
Dimensions: cca 175 x 135 x 45 mm

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