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Arctic Treasure: The Rare Muonionalusta Meteorite

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Dating back a million years, the Muonionalusta meteorite made its earthly impact near Kitkiöjoki, Sweden. Glacial movements scattered its fragments far from the initial site, with pieces becoming known for their distinctive Widmanstätten patterns, indicative of an extraterrestrial origin formed by taenite and kamacite crystals.

This 2 664g kg Class IVA Octahedrite, characterized by its unique kamacite crystal structure, houses the rare meteoritic mineral, troilite. However, the decreasing availability of this meteorite heightens the value of each discovered fragment.

Composed primarily of iron and nickel, the Muonionalusta meteorite also contains traces of rare elements such as gallium, germanium, and iridium, and minerals like chromite, daubreelite, schreibersite, akaganeite, and stishovite, making it an extraordinary artifact of the cosmos.

Weight: 2 664 g
Location of discovery: Kitikiöjoki, Sweden

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