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Unearthed Arctic Jewel: The Muonionalusta Meteorite

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About a million years ago, the Muonionalusta meteorite crashed near Kitkiöjoki, Sweden, just beyond the Arctic Circle. Subsequent glaciation scattered its pieces from the original impact site. Named after the neighboring Muonio region in 1910, this meteorite is known for its intricate Widmanstätten patterns—evidence of its extraterrestrial origin—signifying its unique structure of taenite and kamacite crystals.

Weighing over 7 kg, this Class IVA Octahedrite meteorite, characterized by kamacite's octahedral crystals, is a treasure trove of cosmic beauty and rarity. Over time, erosion in glacial moraines has revealed traces of the exclusive meteoritic iron mineral, troilite, in some fragments. However, with dwindling reserves, each unsuccessful expedition enhances the value of discovered pieces.

The Muonionalusta, featuring 91% iron, 8.4% nickel, and rare elements like gallium, germanium, and iridium, is a testament to the cosmos's extraordinary marvels. Its striking surface patterns, visible traces of chromite, daubreelite, schreibersite, akaganeite, troilite, and stishovite, make it a sought-after cosmic gem.


Weight: 7 170 g
Location of discovery: Kitikiöjoki, Sweden
Composition: over 91% iron, approx. 8.4% nickel, trace amounts of rare elements: 0.33 ppm gallium, 0.133 ppm germanium and 1.6 ppm iridium; trace minerals: chromite, daubreelite, schreibersite, akaganeite and inclusions of troilite and stishovite.
Interesting fact: Widmanstätten patterns are very visible on the surface

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