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The only meteorite, that hit capital city.

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Meteorite crashes into populated areas are extremely rare. In all of history, there would have been only a handful of them, and even fewer that have survived and we have detailed accounts of their discovery. A meteorite impact directly into a capital city is something quite unique and the Oslo meteorite is probably the greatest rarity in our entire stock!

It all happened in March 2012. Heavy cloud cover prevented anyone from seeing this amazing sight with their own eyes, but several witnesses reported the characteristic thunder that accompanies the meteorite's passage through the atmosphere on March 9. However, the event did not cause any uproar. It was not until 12 March that Anne-Margrethe Thomassen found the roof of her cottage punctured and pieces of a strange-looking rock with a black crust around it.

The event became a sensation and was written about all over Norway. The meteorite fragments were acquired by a few quick collectors, but then disappeared from the market altogether. Most of them were eventually acquired by astrophysicist Knut Joergen Roed Oedegaard and his wife Anne Mette Sannes, who only decided to sell them a few years later. There was a huge demand for the meteorites and they were completely sold off within a few weeks. We were lucky enough to acquire one meteorite directly from Knut and Anne and can now offer it to our customers.

The Oslo meteorite belongs to a type that scientists call ""breccia"". The rock contains fragments of several different rocks, so it was formed by a cosmic collision (impact breccia). Such meteorites are formed when a celestial body collides with another and the pieces of rock come together. Through such a collision, the rock was ejected into space and became a meteorite. But what its parent body is remains a mystery.

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