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Sericho: A rare pallasite whose price is skyrocketing

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It was 2016. Two brothers stumbled upon some unusually large and heavy stones while searching for their stray camels in the desolate Isiolo region of eastern Kenya. They were fascinated by them as there were otherwise no other stones in the area, so they used a mechanical crane to pick them up and transported them to the nearby village of Habaswein. The meteorite hunter Michael Farmer discovered them there a year later. And so the first pieces of the Sericho meteorite saw the light of day.

This is a very rare type of meteorite from the group of pallasites (rock-iron meteorites), which represent less than 1% of meteorites found so far. To give you an idea, of all the meteorites discovered on Earth, only a hundred have been pallasites.

Pallasites are formed in the cores of larger asteroids or planets and only reach Earth through collisions between these giant space bodies. The olivine crystals in this meteorite include a range of colours from yellow to orange to almost green. The metal parts of these meteorites form beautiful Widmanstatten patterns that show up when the surface is etched.

Due to the fact that it was found relatively recently, it is the most affordable pallasite at the moment with a huge demand among collectors. Because of this, its price is starting to rise steeply and is now a great investment.

Weight: 1,402 g
Site of discovery: Isiolo, eastern Kenya
Composition: iron and olivine crystals
Interesting fact: One of the most recently discovered and therefore most affordable pallasites on the market

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Category: Meteorites
Weight: 1 402g
Dimensions: 180 x 155 x 44 mm
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