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Mysterious black tektite from Indonesia

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These mysterious, opaque stones come from the magical island of Belitung in the heart of Indonesia. Formed by a meteorite's violent collision with the Earth's surface, their origins date back to an ancient cosmic event shrouded in the mists of time. This cataclysmic event, known as the Australasian Impact, took place nearly three quarters of a million years ago in the Gulf of Tonkin and left its mark across the vast landscapes of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and remote Australia.

The tektites are distinguished by their unique surface sheen and intricate spiral patterns that resemble works of nature's art etched on the canvas of time. Some speculate that the process of their formation, from vitrification to cooling and re-heating upon re-entry into the atmosphere, gives them their distinctive character, characterized by subtle cracks and contours.

For the people of Belitung Island, these stones have a special meaning and are revered for their supposed mystical properties.

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