Tektite | Moldavite | Dobrkovská Lhota + Chlum nad Malší | 57.32g

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Tektite | Moldavite | Dobrkovská Lhota + Chlum nad Malší | 57.32g
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Moldavite Starter Pack Collection

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Moldavites, prehistorically used for toolmaking, were initially thought to be volcanic rocks until studies in the late 18th century suggested their cosmic origin. These tektites, Latin for ""remelted,"" are a natural glass formed when a meteorite impacted Earth 15 million years ago, creating the Ries Crater near Nuremberg. The impact hurled liquid material that solidified mid-flight, falling in areas of present-day Czech Republic, Saxony, and Austria. Today, only one percent of the original moldavites exist due to erosion, making these rare items highly coveted. Unique for their clarity and green color, they contrast other tektites, which are dark and only translucent when thinly sliced. Moldavites are the only European tektites and among the few clear ones worldwide, contributing to their popularity.

The shape of moldavites is as fascinating as their origin. Each piece is unique due to a variety of factors influencing its final form. During their journey through the atmosphere, moldavites were exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures, shaping their unique structure and surface. Some are even covered with tiny pits, so-called sculptures, created by erosion caused by ablation during their flight through the atmosphere.

You will find everything from smooth spherical shapes to elongated drops or remarkably convex forms. The varying shapes and forms of moldavites are influenced by the different cooling speeds of the liquid material post meteorite impact. This variability in moldavite shapes and sizes adds another dimension to their uniqueness and appeal to collectors worldwide.

That's why we are now offering a mini collection of Moldavites for purchase at a favorable price.


Weight of individual pieces:

18,27 grams
11,15 grams
10,27 grams
9,53 grams
8,1 grams


Total weight: 57,32 grams

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