Meteorite | Chondrite | 10800 g

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A chondrite of impressive size found in Morocco.

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Chondrites are the most common type of meteorite. But few have the characteristics of this exhibit.

The first thing that strikes you is its size. Weighing over 10 kg, it must have created an amazing fire show as it passed through the atmosphere. The proof is in the fascinating regmaglypts scattered across its surface and the elegant crust. Both caused by the enormous temperatures the rock faced after 4.5 billion years of moving undisturbed through space.

This witness to the origins of the solar system and the dramatic entry into our atmosphere can now serve as an unconventional but very subtle addition to an interior. And that's thanks to a stylish, custom-made stand made of solid metal that safely supports its full weight.

The price includes a custom-made iron stand by an artistic blacksmith, a brass sign and a certificate with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on Japanese paper.

Weight: 10080g
Finding Location: Morocco
Interesting Fact: A meteorite that remembers the creation of the solar system and so composed of ancient material that cannot be found elsewhere on Earth.
Dimensions: 270 x 170 x 170 mm (height with stand - 610 mm)



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