Meteorite | Muonionalusta | Iron | 15180g

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Iron meteorite Muonionalusta with a beautiful structure, a completely unique phallic shape and a custom-made stand. One of the most beautiful meteorites in our offer.

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We have written about this type of meteorite many times and its history can be found in other specimens in our offer, which are also representatives of the Muonionalusta species. For this particular piece, we would like to focus on its quite exceptional shape and workmanship.

As you can see in the last photo, the found condition is quite different from its present form. The million years that this meteorite has faced the weather conditions have taken their toll on it, and at the time of its discovery it was surrounded by a thick layer of rust. Through a very thorough, careful and laborious process, we removed more than 1.5 kg of rust. Subsequently, a conservation process was carried out to ensure that unless the meteorite is exposed to the humid environment again, it will remain in its current form.

This was followed by the work of a blacksmith, who precisely shaped the stand so that the meteorite would be firmly and securely seated and its beauty and unusual shape would stand out.

In addition to the stand and brass plate, the price also includes a certificate on Japanese paper with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. If you want to have an exclusive piece in your collection at an unbeatable price, whose value is also constantly increasing, do not hesitate.

Weight: 15180 g
Place of discovery: Kitikiöjoki, Sweden
Composition: over 91% iron, approx. 8.4% nickel, trace amounts of rare elements: 0.33 ppm gallium, 0.133 ppm germanium and 1.6 ppm iridium, trace minerals: chromite, daubreelite, schreibersite, akaganeite and inclusions of troilite and stishovite.
Interesting fact: Widmanstätten's patterns are beautifully visible on the surface
Dimensions: 300 x 165 x 130 mm (height with stand - 580 mm)

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